Oopsie…10 Wedding Makeup Mistakes Brides Make and How to Avoid Them

10 wedding makeup mistakes brides make and how to avoid them - mademoiselle magazine

10 wedding makeup mistakes brides make and how to avoid them - mademoiselle magazine

So you are in the middle of planning your wedding day and you know you are doing everything right and perfect for your big day.  Even though you are happy with how things are going there is no harm in learning from the experiences of those who have done it before you.  There’s no need to repeat pitfalls and mistakes when they can be easily avoided.  Here we have compiled a list of the biggest wedding makeup mistakes most brides can unwittingly fall into.  We want to help you have zero regrets about every part of the wedding planning process.  Read on to find out what you should be aware of and some advice on how to avoid it.

Brides Who Want To Do Their Own Makeup

Some brides know how they want to look on their big day and decide to do their own makeup.  Although you may be amazing at your everyday makeup, a makeup artist will not only know how to achieve the look you want but they will also know how to make sure that your makeup will last all night & how it can photograph perfectly.  Additionally, on your wedding day, you will have so much to think about why add your makeup to the mix as well.  That this time to relax and get beautified with your bridesmaids with a glass of champagne.

Skipping the Makeup Trial

Don’t skip the makeup trial! This is the best piece of advice to all brides. And take pictures after the trial (in similar lighting) so there will be no surprises on the big day. We know the makeup trial is an extra cost but it will be well worth it.  Schedule your trial three months before the wedding.  If you are not happy with the first trial this will buy you time to try out another option.   One way to save money while experimenting: Seek out free makeover events at your favorite department store or Sephora.  There are plenty of these types of events happening all year around; take advantage of their generosity.

Make the most of your trial.  You probably bring photos to your hair trial, but many brides forget to bring photos to their makeup trial. Look through magazines or Pinterest for women with similar coloring to yours whose makeup you love. And if you have any photos of yourself where you particularly like (or dislike) your makeup, bring those along as well.  A picture will better describe how you want your makeup to look far more than a verbal description.  And wear white to your trial as it will help you get an idea of how your makeup will really look.

Wanting a Super Natural Look or an Overly Dramatic Look

Brides know what they want but sometimes they don’t think of how it will look in real life.  Wanting a natural look is one thing but it’s quite another if you literally use minimal makeup will ensure that your look will be too subtle for your big day.  So when you’re going natural don’t literally go natural.  Try faux natural which will add enough product that will look stunning in person and on camera.

And the inverse is the same, one big mistake is that brides think they need to do something super dramatic and different for their wedding day.  This can end up making the bride not look like herself in her photos and video.  Go with a makeup style you feel comfortable and yourself in and make it more refined and defined.  Your wedding day isn’t the time to experiment with red lipstick or smoky eyes for the first time but if you’ve rocked them before and you know it looks good then go for it.

Self-Tanning Too Close to The Wedding Day

Brides should NOT self-tan or go to the tanning salon the day before the wedding! Especially if you have never tanned before as you don’t know how the solution will react to your skin.  Wearing your white dress, the day after your tan is very risky as your tan may still need a day to completely set.  The second day after the tan is typically the best day after a professional tan in terms of color and setting.  We would also suggest you splurge on an airbrush tan because with an airbrush tan your technician will be able to contour and compliment your shape.

If you choose to use a mono-tan, as in a tanning booth or the tanning beds, we would suggest you start the process a few weeks before your wedding day.  You’ll want to gradually build up to your ideal tan.  Remember to take care of tan lines as you don’t want those to be popping up and causing a distraction from your wedding dress.  And speaking of tan lines, if you plan to have a Fall wedding watch out when in the sun during the summer.  You may unwittingly create tan lines from being out in the sun with a tank top on.  Let’s stay away from any weird tanlines.

Overdoing Your Tanning

A lot of brides try to get some extra sun during the week of the wedding. So they ask for an extra coating during their tanning session or up the amount of tans in their tanning beds.  But remember that you are wearing white.  The contrast makes it look even more dramatic than you think.  Trying to get a natural tan means you run the risk of burning or getting tan lines, meaning that your makeup artist will need to spend extra time combating those problems.  Opt for the body makeup to even out your skin for your big day.  Don’t take any chances.

Forgetting Touch-Ups Throughout the Night

Don’t forget touch-ups throughout the night.  With all the events during the night you may not remember to take the time for a touch up. Ask your maid of honor be on touch up duty.  A good rule of thumb is a touch-up check every hour and a half.  If this isn’t something you want to give your maid of honor, some makeup artists will have an option of staying with you for the whole night with an extra fee and dinner.  This is the best way to make sure your picture perfect.  Your makeup artist will be with you all night by your side, touching up your makeup with each important photo.

Waxing Too Close to Wedding Day

Confirm all of your waxing appointments at least one week prior to your wedding to avoid any chances of redness or skin irritation for the day of your wedding.  Waxing can also cause rashes if your skin gets irritated enough but don’t worry your skin typically calms down but you need to give it time.  Your brows frame your eyes and can truly change the entire look of your face. You’ll want to get them professionally done especially if this is the first time you have ever had your brows waxed you’ll want to give your brows enough time to calm down.

Waterproof Everything

And we mean everything…you’re going to shed some tears on your wedding day so you want to make sure that you give your makeup the best chance to stay put.  Primer before you applying makeup will help with this and a makeup setting spray will add to the waterproofing.  For your lashes, we suggest a waterproof eyelash glue to ensure they stay on your lids.  For your face, there are waterproof foundations available.  For eyeshadow and cheeks, use a layering technique of cream and powder to keep your makeup where it should be. We’ve created a list of the top 10 tips for long lasting makeup here.

Changing Up Your Skincare Routine Before Your Wedding

You may feel inclined to change your skincare or makeup routine in the days leading up to your wedding.  Especially if you are prone to breakouts, you may decide to add more product to pre-empt pimples but we suggest you don’t.  Don’t start a new skincare routine so close to your wedding.  You have no idea how your skin will react and the last thing you need is a skin irritation.  A few days before your wedding is not the time to experiment with skin treatments, peels, or products you are unfamiliar with.  We recommend you stick to your routine and just focus on hydrating your skin in the morning and at night.  This also goes for getting facials, if you don’t typically get facials then you will encourage skin impurities to surface.  With facials, sometimes your skin gets worse before it gets better.  Try starting your facial regimen at least 3 to 4 months in advance so that your skin is clear and glowing for your wedding day.

Skipping Your Emergency Makeup Kit

Don’t forget to make your emergency makeup kit for the day of the wedding.  Make this one of the Maid of Honor responsibilities.  Put together this kit for all and possible situations.  Luckily for you, we have already created the ultimate makeup kit for you to create yourself.  That post can be found here.  Read it and get everything in it for your big day.


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