How to put on magnetic lashes

Are Magnetic Eyelashes the Future or Just a Fad?

Magnetic lashes are major news. How big exactly? Well, Google recently revealed that 2018's most trending search of all related to beauty had been "how to apply magnetic lashes". So, that big. But does this mean we're on the verge of an eyelash revolution? Magnetic eyelashes are being lauded as an ingenious new product that makes wearing falsies super simple. In theory, it's a great idea. Who wouldn't like to be able to just 'press and go' as you head out the door to your dinner date, achieving stunning lashes in a matter of seconds? But as we all know,...Read More
Woman receives a facial at a spa retreat

HydraFacials, Vampire Facials & LED Therapy – What’s Best?

It's not easy being a beauty aficionado. Every year, it seems there's a new 'holy grail' facial that all of the celebrities and magazines are raving about. But while some live up to their hype, others are little more than passing fads. With your wallet and, more importantly, the health of your skin on the line, it's crucial to be well-informed before you splash out on a new treatment. Not just to be sure that the facial really works, but to be sure it will work for you. To help you decide which of the current beauty trends are best...Read More
Woman receives underarm laser treatments for permanent hair removal

Frying the Fuzz Away – Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

On the face of it, laser hair removal for your lady bits is pretty pricey. But then again, is it really, when you compare it to how much the average woman spends on razors or waxing? We all know that cheap, single blades from the dollar store simply won't cut it (or should I say, they do nothing but cut - ouch!). Five-blade razors are a necessity to get the job done in as few strokes as possible and prevent the risk of razor burn, but at $2-4 each they quickly add to those Target-run bills. Then there's waxing. The average Brazilian...Read More
mademoiselle lash the ultimate guide travel essentials

The Ultimate Guide: Your Travel Essentials

Don't go on your next trip without first checking out our list of carry-on must have to make sure you're prepared for any delays and long travel times.  Being prepared for any situation will help for a smoother travel experience.  The littler things that no one ever thinks about will help you even save some time and not annoy any your fellow passengers. [smartslider3 slider=4]
Ultimate Guide to Make Up Brushes - Mademoiselle Lash

The Ultimate Guide to Make Up Brushes

Ever wonder why there are so many makeup brush choices out there?  There are hundreds; it can be confusing and overwhelming when you walk into Sephora or local makeup counter.  Which one do you need and which one can wait until later?  Let’s be honest, most of the time you get excited about all the amazing things the girl at the cosmetics counter tells you about the newest brush but after a few days it ends up in the makeup brush graveyard because you really use your “go to” 5 brushes and then all that shiny new brushes collect dust. ...Read More