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The Ultimate Guide: Your Travel Essentials

Don't go on your next trip without first checking out our list of carry-on must have to make sure you're prepared for any delays and long travel times.  Being prepared for any situation will help for a smoother travel experience.  The littler things that no one ever thinks about will help you even save some time and not annoy any your fellow passengers. [smartslider3 slider=4]
Ultimate Guide to Make Up Brushes - Mademoiselle Lash

The Ultimate Guide to Make Up Brushes

Ever wonder why there are so many makeup brush choices out there?  There are hundreds; it can be confusing and overwhelming when you walk into Sephora or local makeup counter.  Which one do you need and which one can wait until later?  Let’s be honest, most of the time you get excited about all the amazing things the girl at the cosmetics counter tells you about the newest brush but after a few days it ends up in the makeup brush graveyard because you really use your “go to” 5 brushes and then all that shiny new brushes collect dust. ...Read More
The Ultimate Guide to Beauty Blenders

The Ultimate Guide to Beauty Blenders

The tool that revolutionized the beauty industry, The Beauty Blender, is the brainchild of makeup artist, Rea Ann Silva.  Rea Ann has been a makeup artists working for top celebrities since the early stages of her career in 1993; working with celebrities such as Rod Stewart, Puff Daddy, Vivica A. Fox to name a few.  In 2003, she launched the famed Beauty Blender and that was the beginning of the phenomenon.  Now almost 15 years later, there are multiple incarnations of the beauty blender from companies creating beauty blenders in different shapes and sizes. Essentially the beauty blender is a...Read More